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Retire Wedding Shoes Hello Obsidian Black Tieks Flats Pink Flower Photo

My New Tieks Flats Wedding Shoes

So I’ve had my eye on these shoes that claim to be the best ballet flat to exist, Tieks by Gavrieli, and so many friends have nothing but great things to say about them. They are hand made from Italian leathers and have foam cushion for all day wear and non-skid rubber soles. I’ve been trying to give myself permission to spend the nearly $200 to purchase them… cause that’s a lot of money for a pair of flats. But incomes MOM and DAD!!! They bought them for Christmas and I was so excited… like a kid getting a new bike excited!! Well sure enough they are amazing and the best part… I can wear them ALL day for a wedding without my feet killing me at the end of the night! Most of you know that I get pretty excited about pretty packaging and that’s another are that Tieks doesn’t skip out on… their Tiek Blue box holding the shoes and a shoe bag wrapped with a pretty little flower certainly didn’t disappoint! So now the day has come to retire the ballet flats that I’ve been using for 4 years and have seen nearly 150 weddings! Farewell old shoes, you’ve served me well.

Retiring Black Sam and Libby Wedding Shoes Hello Tieks FlatsRetiring Black Sam and Libby Wedding Shoes Hello Tieks FlatsRetire Wedding Shoes Hello Obsidian Black Tieks Flats Pink Flower Tiek Blue Box PhotoRetire Wedding Shoes Hello Obsidian Black Tieks Flats Pink Flower Tiek Blue Box Photo

Last Wednesday, January 6, 2016, was a huge milestone for my husband and I, our 20th Anniversary. See in 1992 my dad made me get a job, he said “you aren’t going to sit around all summer doing nothing!!” It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. He sent me out to the glider school that was about 6 miles down the road from our farm house and told me to talk to the owner, Bruce, to see about having a summer job. So I did and got the job only because my dad had already made those arrangements with his friend! Looking back, even with NO work experience, I probably could have walked in smelling like cow poo and still got the job. Anyway, there were several boys who worked there… and honestly I didn’t think anything of any of the boys that worked there, I mean they worked OUTSIDE during the SUMMER in ARIZONA’s 120° heat… they were sweaty and dirty! I did however become friends with them while working all summer then weekends once school started again.

Fast forward 2 years to the summer of 1994 and a sweet little lady decided to play match maker. She got Matt and I going to participate in activities outside of work and we really enjoyed being with each other so much that 6 months later we were engaged!!! Then another year passes and we were married! Seems crazy!

Matt Leslie Wedding Photo 1996

20 YEARS OF MARRIAGE to the same person!!! It has been fun and challenging and yes sometimes you just want to quit!! If you ask Matt, he will say the same thing. I tell you this because with social media, so many people see the “perfect” parts of a persons life (and a lot of time that includes their marriage) and think “why can’t I have that”. I want to discourage you from looking to social media for what a marriage should look like… cause it’s often deceiving! I will tell you that there are so many struggles that come in a marriage over a 20 year period, heck even over the first year… and most people don’t put that on social media. Disagreements about how to spend money, parenting styles, how time is spent, how we are treated and how we treat our spouse. Marriage is NOT PERFECT!! Marriage requires that you fight when the other can’t, it requires family and friends fighting for your marriage and it requires people praying for your marriage. And it’s also the feeling you get knowing that your spouse is fighting for your marriage. It may be hard and it may not seem worth it, but the fight is WORTH IT!! SO when you see couples taking all these amazing trips, awesome dinners and just overall making their online presence look so dreamy… just know that there is a very good chance they are leaving some things out that’s not so glamorous.

Every bit of our marriage has been worth what we have today! Love you more than you know Matt!!!


So today has been kind of a lazy day with the windows open during the morning to let some cool fresh air in… these kind of things don’t happen often here in Arizona as it usually too hot still. Kids are on fall break having sleep overs (of course here at our house) but it’s fun and I’d rather the fun be had here so I can keep them in line :)

Easy Banana Bread

A while back I found that I had some slightly overripe bananas and I am not the baker my mom is so I took to Pinterest to see if I could find an easy banana bread recipe. Well I found the easiest recipe on the Six Sister’s Stuff blog. Basically you throw all the ingredients together mix, bake and eat. While nothing compares to homemade banana bread this recipe saves the bananas and provides a nice little treat at the same time.

Ingredients & Instructions

1 box Yellow Cake Mix
2 Eggs
3-4 Overripe Bananas
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1/2-1 cup chocolate chips and/or nuts (optional)

1. In a large bowl, mash the bananas.
2. Add the eggs, cake mix and option ingredients and mix well.
3. Batter will fit in 1 large loaf pan or 4 mini pans. Be sure to spray the pan(s) with nonstick cooking spray.
4. Bake at 350º for 30-35 minutes (for the mini pans) or 45-55 minutes (for the large loaf pan).


 The only thing not picture is the overripe bananas, cause let’s face it they just aren’t pretty!Easy Banana Bread PhotoEasy Banana Bread PhotoEasy Banana Bread PhotoEasy Banana Bread Photo

Happy Monday Friends!! After a fabulous weekend that included two beautiful engagement sessions, I am going to introduce you to a song that I first heard back in 2006. This week’s Monday Music features “We Are Man and Wife” by Michelle Featherstone. Now there is a really good chance you have heard one of Michelle Featherstone’s songs if you enjoy watching TV Series. Her music has been featured on numerous drama series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Las Vegas, One Tree Hill, Smallville and Ghost Whisperer, as well as other shows such as MTV’s The Hills and The City as well as “So you think you can dance”, “Biggest Loser” and “America’s Funniest Video’s”.
Her song “We Are Man and Wife” was featured in One Tree Hill’s “The Show Must Go On”. It’s a beautiful song that would make a great first dance.

“All the things you are to me
Darling you have set me free
I’ll always give you what you need
and what you deserve
All the joy and all this love
I know that it is from above
and now together there is enough
to fill this world”

Enjoy this beautiful song, let me know what you think.

wedding first dance

I can’t always tell you the artist or name the song but I will usually be able to sing along! Going back as far as I can remember, it seems to have been in 1986 that I remember my love of singing and good music! Growing up on the dairy with more than a thousand cows and having parents that listened mainly to country music it was inevitable that I too would enjoy boot-stomping, country music. It was then, in 1986, that my sister and I would put on our first country music performance!! Our stage was an old, run-down, wooden cattle loading ramp. Our audience was our 2 brothers, mom, dad and of course the dogs. The song… Island in the Stream by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. Yes, yes I know this is a very strange song choice for 9 & 10 year old girls but that’s what we knew. Again, I am a huge music fan!! BUT, I can not sing!! Unless it’s in the car with the music louder than I can hear my own off key singing.

So having told you that I love singing along to music but it’s basically terrible noise, I want to introduce a new series (ok, actually the first official series) of my blog… Music Monday, where I will highlight a new & upcoming, oldie but goodie & forgotten song or just one I like. Music that moves me. I believe music can be extremely powerful to our mind set, to our mood. It affects our energy level. So choose your music wisely! What music moves you, gets you excited and dancing… or even just bobbing your head?

First song to start this series will be a very new song from a fast rising artist… “You” by Russell Dickerson. I first heard this song on the local radio station KNIX where the morning radio hosts Ben & Matt were going again the “rules” to play this song (i am guessing cause it was so new and not a “hit” yet). I LOVED it!! It screamed WEDDING SONG!! With lyrics that include a chorus like this I just know it’ll be played at many weddings.

I came alive when I first kissed you
The best me has his arms around you
You make me better than all else before
Thank God I’m yours

Listen to Russell’s song HERE.

wedding first dance