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Erica & John's Desert Botanical Garden Engagement Session

Seriously this day couldn’t get any better!! First off I am sitting at my desk, TRYING to be so patient waiting for my UPS delivery man to deliver my new MacBook Pro… I have been wanting needing a new computer for some time now. About a year ago I took my current computer to the Genius Bar at the Apple store and the guys kindly told me my computer was VINTAGE (it’s almost 7 years old) and couldn’t be repaired. Well because they are the Genius Bar they found a work around that gave me another year of use. But today is the day the new one comes so here’s to being more efficient and not waiting for that colorful little spinning icon to stop dancing around my screen!!

Then as I am going thru my email this morning I came across an exciting email saying one of John & Erica‘s Engagement images was used on the Bridal Guide’s post today: “Beautiful Ideas for Your Engagement Photos”. The article highlights things like backdrops, contrasting clothing, relaxed & fun photos and walking photos… which is how John & Erica’s image was featured. “When you walk together, your focus will naturally shift to being on each other.” That is so true… it’s also one of the very first things we start with on just about every session. It really wipes out that nervous “I don’t know what I’m doing” feeling because after all, everyone knows how to walk!  I just love the emotion and connection between a couple in walking walking photoengagement walking photowedding walking photoengagement walking photowedding walking photoengagement walking photo

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