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Elopements have become increasingly popular for good reason. Many of our couples have been forced to postpone the big wedding celebration they had planned prior to COVID. But at the same time recognized their wedding was more about exchanging vows and the commitment they want to make, not about the grand celebration. So a number of them have opted to elope or have a small wedding with just a few family members and are planning the celebration with their friends for a later date. Another reason some choose an elopement or small wedding over a traditional wedding is because of the pressure and stress a traditional wedding can cause.

Maybe the emotions that are present with an elopement are just what you need. We at Leslie Ann Photography are here to document your Arizona elopement and small weddings for you. We can help you with the timing, location selection, connecting you with an officiant, florist for a bouquet and even a wedding planner.

Here's a list of the necessities for Arizona elopement: Marriage license, an officiant, two witnesses (we are happy to be one of them). And some things you might want to consider for a special touch: a bouquet, a boutonniere, bottle of champagne and glasses, a small cake and supplies.

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